Partner with us

GRASP brings together individuals, partners and supporters with a shared purpose to create change for the Romanian diaspora around the world. We do this by drawing on the unique ability of our community to learn, innovate and share the diverse expertise and knowledge that make our local chapters effective individually and powerful collectively. 

Partnering with us offers you the opportunity to:


Create impact

Work with us to co-develop programmes in line with your organisational priorities and values that support young professionals locally, regionally and globally.


Promote employee engagement

Partnering with GRASP offers a range of tailored opportunities for your employees to share their expertise and develop their skills by supporting our local chapters or engaging directly with young professionals.


Engage with like minds

Expand your profile and broaden your perspectives through the many formal and informal opportunities the network offers to convene leading experts, specialists and supporters in the youth entrepreneurship field.


Get public recognition

Gain visibility as a leader in social responsibility through joint public relations and purpose-driven campaigns.

Global partnerships

Global partnerships are critical to our success in scaling, reaching more cities, and working on fun and purpose-driven projects that bring the community closer together. Whether through a grant, an employee engagement effort, or other initiative, we work together with corporates, governments, charitable foundations and individuals to maximise our impact, while meeting our shared value goals.

Local partnerships

Each local chapter is led by a team of volunteers who are generously giving their time to create and nurture a community of like-minded individuals through networking events, purpose-driven projects and campaigns. These efforts are supported by local partners through a combination of monetary and in-kind partnership. This kind of generosity and local collaboration is what fuels GRASP communities around the world.

Media partnerships

Become a GRASP media partner and expose your organisation to our global community of young Romanian professionals, partners and supporters.