The idea emerged from the desire to facilitate connections among people who work on similar challenges but live and work in different locations. So the adventure started…


The GRASP launch event took place in November in Budapest, Hungary. The event gathered over 50 students and young professionals across 12 countries.


The GRASP headquarter was established in Bucharest, Romania.


The second global conference as part of the “Proiect Romania 2020” initiative took place in Boston exploring “What can we do for Romania in the next ten years”.


New Local Chapter in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Launch of “Diaspora Voteaza”, a long-term campaign advocating for the introduction of electronic voting for Romanian diaspora.


Arcadia was established as a separate legal entity of GRASP. Its objective is to create a network of policy makers, scholars, activists with expertise in development and Romania relations with the developing countries.


Annual ‘Proiect Romania 2020’ conference took place in Bucharest exploring “Why education matters.”



We launched ‘Dear Romania‘, a photography project representing a call to action to the Romanians who live in the most diverse communities around the world to voice their positive thoughts and empowering ideas.


New Local Chapter in London, United Kingdom.


Launch of  ‘Romania 2020’, a series of events aimed at finding solutions to key challenges facing Romania and Romanian communities around the world.


New Local Chapters in Copenhagen, Denmark and Paris, France.


Launch of Young Diplo, Mentorship for Success and Start Up Your Idea.



Launch of ‘Career for a day’, a mentoring programme aimed at providing high school students from low-income families with non-financial support to guide them in choosing their future career.


New Local Chapter in Brussels, Belgium.


Cluj-Napoca, Project Romania 2020: “Youth involvement in the development of Romania. Harnessing diversity through multiculturalism. Knowledge transfer.”


New Local Chapters in Vienna, Austria and New York and San Francisco, United States of America.



Launch of Sketch, an initiative aimed at conducting a descriptive statistical assessment of the Romanian community in the United States of America.


New Local Chapters in Philadelphia and Boston, United States of America.


London, Project Romania 2020: The Impact of Brexit on the Romanian Community in the UK and on Romania.


London, Project Romania 2020: The impact of political and technological change on Romania and its diaspora.


New Local Chapters in Sydney, Australia; Barcelona, Spain and Milano, Italy.



Barcelona, Project Romania 2020: The impact of migration on globalization: Challenges and opportunities for Romania.


Launch of GRASP Scholarship, a global initiative aimed at supporting young people from low-income backgrounds across Romania to achieve their academic potential.



We launched our new website which enables us to reach and connect with young Romanian professionals around the world.