We are a global community of young Romanian professionals committed to contributing to Romania’s development by connecting human capital with ideas. Founded in 2008, we are headquartered in Bucharest, Romania and have local chapters in cities across the world.



Our vision is a democratic, European, competitive and fair Romania which offers equal opportunities for all its citizens. Our country is recognised as an active and responsible player which brings added value to the international sphere.



We want to actively contribute to the constant modernisation and development of the country through civic involvement that creates bridges between the Romanians living in Romania and diaspora members. We connect and support local GRASP chapters, partners and volunteers to develop and deliver new projects and initiatives that tackle the critical challenges facing Romania.



Our core values have been the key to our success, guiding the way we work with our members, global partners, communities and each other. Through integrity, professionalism, authenticity, leadership and innovation we have created a dynamic culture where our members are inspired and empowered to help drive positive change in Romania.


GRASP chapters worldwide


Members worldwide


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We learn

Our communities of young professionals have diverse expertise across a full range of sectors from finance and policy to IT and research. We facilitate community learning exchanges and connect individuals to partners with relevant expertise.


We grow

By convening the collective expertise of our global community, we can identify gaps in support for young Romanian professionals, not just in Romania but globally. Using this insight, we work with local chapters around the world to develop new projects and initiatives.


We advocate

As a global community we work with local chapters to undertake research on priority themes for Romania and use the learnings to drive change in policy and practice.

Every project we manage, every partnership we have and every policy we advocate for is and will continue to be about serving our community and our country, leading by example and building a trustworthy global team of Romanian professionals.

Discover our history

Founded in 2008 by a group of young Romanian professionals from around the world, GRASP started with the idea of promoting Romania by showing the world a different country than that often stereotyped in the Western media. The idea emerged from the desire to facilitate connections among people who rok on similar challenges but live and work in different locations. So the adventure started…

Our team

Our global team is made up of a diverse pool of Romanian young professionals from the not-for-profit and private sectors. We have extensive knowledge and experience across a variety of industries to ensure young Romanian professionals around the world get the support they need to thrive. 

Our partners

In order to grow and nurture an effective and sustainable network that creates impact for young Romanian professional around the world, GRASP works with a wide range of partners. Each provides different types of support to our global community.