GRASP Barcelona Annual Conference: The impact of migration on globalisation

The impact of migration on globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Romania 

When: 26 October 2019

Where: Sala Teatre – 4th floor – Centre Civic Can Felipa

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We are delighted to invite you to a new edition of the Annual GRASP Conference. The theme for this year’s event is The impact of migration on globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Romania.

The conference is part of the ‘Romania 2020′ series of GRASP events, where we analyse issues with a direct impact on Romania and the Romanian communities abroad.


We are witnessing what has become known as the globalization phenomenon. However, migration is not always the charming process of relocating to another country only to experience a different culture and enjoy the benefits of working in a new environment. Since Romania became a Member of the EU, the migration phenomenon has increased among its citizens. The EU member status provides Romania with a number of benefits but also brings about important challenges such as a high number of citizens leaving the country. What are the factors driving this significant Romanian migration wave towards mostly Western European countries? How do motivations differ across socio-demographic characteristics of expats? How can massive migration be mitigated? One can ask what can Romania do to improve conditions for its citizens and also what should be the role of the European institutions and each of the Member States. 


We strive to map the Romanian migration phenomenon and find solutions that will tackle a number of issues related to it. By debating the ongoing challenges that our society faces due to relocating for different reasons we will not only better understand their perspective but hopefully come up with best practices to implement. Since both the Romanians in the country and the ones living in the Diaspora are facing a rather complex set of challenges, it is high time we analyze all of these while bringing a fresh outlook to them.


With the help of experts participating in the GRASP Barcelona 2019 Conference we will compile a Report based on the topics discussed. We are hoping this will stand as a landscape of both the benefits and disadvantages the Romanian Diaspora is experiencing as well as their impact on the population living in the country. The Report will have a sociological side to it, as well as a more practical one mapping solutions and best practices. We aim to present this report to governmental bodies, NGOs dealing with migration and local communities in the hopes of contributing to improving the negative aspects of the phenomenon.